About Passion Wand

Passion Wand came about via an actual wand designed and made with magical intent. It is made of feathers I collected on walks, around the hills of Canberra. As I made the wand I was calling passion into my life. I did a pen and wash drawing of the wand and included the women. The image brought about the intended outcome but via a different path to the one I was expecting.
The original was bought by Thelma Solomon at the Melbourne Lesbian Art Show in 1994.
I have since made a the digital copy which has been used to promote the Lesbians In the House Concert at the Sydney Opera House 2011.
I have had it printed as cards, T shirts and on fabric which I have sewn into sachets of organic rose petals.

pen and ink wash painting of a wand made of red feathers

Passion Wand

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